Brandi N. Schnell, Conference Committee Chair

Conference Committee: Ernie Stall, Bonnie Martens, Keri Murphy, Julie Riley, Matt Baugher, Amanda Gamby, Chris Hoffman

The executive committee will appoint a conference committee chair. Conference chair shall serve as a liaison between the board of directors and the conference host.

Fundraising Sub-Committee

Angela Carbetta, Fundraising Co – Chair

Wanda Schaad, Fundraising Co – Chair


Fundraising Committee: Alexa Schwaderer, Louise Holliday



Bonnie Martens, Finance Chair

A committee shall be appointed annually by the Finance Committee Chair to examine the Treasurer’s records. Two (2) Active Members who are not members of the Board of Directors shall serve in this capacity. The treasurer’s books shall be audited annually by those appointed before the OALPRP March Board Meeting. The Finance Committee shall submit their written report to the Board of Directors who will share the report with the membership. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for recommendations regarding investment of Association’s funds.


Alexa Schwaderer, Membership Chair

Membership Committee: Matt Baugher, Louise Holliday, Keri Murphy



Wanda Schaad, Nomination Chair

The Nominating Chair will notify Active Members of the Terms of Office that are up for elections and accept nominations from the Active Members. The Nominating Chair may appoint Active Members to serve on the nominations committee to assist with these duties.


Jim Jerek, Scholarship Chair

Scholarship Committee: Brandi Schnell, Bonnie Martens, Wanda Schaad, Chris Hoffman, Julie Riley, Ernie Stall, Louise Holliday, Alexa Schwaderer

The executive committee will appoint a scholarship committee chair. Any Active member can serve on the scholarship committee. Scholarship committee will solicit applications, review and give recommendations to the board for the Della Ewalt Enrichment Scholarship and C.R. Meyers Memorial Scholarship.

Website/Social Media

Keri Murphy, Website/Social Media Chair

Website/Social Media Committee: Brandi Schnell, Alexa Schwaderer, Amanda Gamby, Matt Baugher