Ohio Association of Litter Prevention and Recycling Professionals

Our Mission:

The Ohio Association of Litter Prevention & Recycling Professionals (OALPRP) is a statewide organization dedicated to professional development by providing leadership, training, and networking opportunities to its members. 

Network & Connections

At our organization, we place a strong emphasis on prioritizing the needs of solid waste management professionals, educators, organizations, and vendors. Our approach involves creating an environment that fosters open communication and encourages the sharing of information. By promoting collaboration and connection among all organizations, we aim to improve our collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Through ongoing dialogue and engagement, we are committed to advancing the field of solid waste management and ensuring that professionals have the resources and support they need to succeed.

Upcoming Events

Our next event is Tuesday, July 23rd at The Works! Our summer workshop will connect you with fellow educators, share ideas and embrace new ways of teaching! Educators will leave the workshop with an educational kit as well. Please register for this free event!


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